MAP FOOTPATHS at DOVE STONE before and after 1990


Major footpaths that were constructed in the 1980s in the Dovestones area were as follows;

  • The path from B across the road from the Binn Green exit. This path was a new path to enable walkers to join the other footpath leading to Dove Stone reservoir. Prior to this walkers had to continue down the private road and join the path near Yeoman Hey reservoir – quite a long diversion. The path was constructed by National Park rangers.
  • The wheelchair access path on the western side of Dove Stone reservoir was a completely new route and constructed by contractors. The contractor also made a new route from the reservoir overflow area to Bank Lane.
  • A completely new path constructed by National Park Rangers to make a circuit of Yeoman Hey reservoir. This path was deliberately left with a navigable but rough surface.
  • The reservoir edge path leading from the main eastern path at Dove Stone was opened by National Park rangers eventually to join the Ashway Gap rhododendrons path. Very little work needed to be done on the surface.

Plenty of other types of improvement works were also done to existing paths during the next three decades.




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