A lot of information has been entered into this website about Dovestone Reservoir and its surrounding countryside, to try to make it a bit more interesting and varied. Checks have been made about using copyright material and as far as possible the legal situation has been followed or permission obtained. However, there a few occasions where I have placed an image of which I cannot find the copyright holder.  If anybody feels that their copyrighted material has been used without permission then please contact me in FEEDBACK.


Fox Stone

I have not watermarked or © marked any of my images throughout this website, I would rather anybody use my photographs for their own enjoyment if they want.  Please see; FREE USE of PHOTOS. However, most are of low-grade, scanned web images and don’t necessarily reflect the original quality. The use of any photograph or image in any way for commercial purposes will require permission  – but probably a suitable donation to a local charity will suffice. Images that are marked with copyright or other must not be copied without permission of the respective owner.


Early morning mist at Chew Piece – Indian’s Head in the background


Google Earth:  Map Images

The graphics I have created in the overlays are permitted by Google Earth Pro but Google doesn’t allow actual manipulation of their maps and certainly no commercial use even for guidebooks etc without their permission. If you copy these images for anything other than personal use then you do so at your own risk.  And if you think Google won’t notice… think hotshot lawyers.   

Embedded videos from YouTube

On 21 October 2014, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) ruled that embedding copyrighted videos is not a violation of copyright, even when the source video is uploaded without the permission from the rights holder.



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