In August 1989, the complete disabled access circuit path of Dove Stone reservoir was officially opened. Thanks were expressed to Robert Fletcher Ltd who own a crucial section of the land. This visitor facility, has with doubt, been the most significant development at Dove Stone since the reservoir was constructed. It has provided easy access for walkers, joggers, cyclists and, apart from four unavoidable steep sections, good access for wheelchair users. Refer to photographs in the (1980s FOOTPATH (EAST SIDE) BEFORE & AFTER tag. to see the great change that this made.

Not long after the path was installed an extension was made to the toilets at Dovestone to provide the disabled facilities.



Audrey Cryton, vice-chairman of Oldham Disability Action Group opening the disabled access path in August 1989 assisted by NWW Recreation & Conservation Officer George Grime



Opening disabled trail at ashawy

Believe it or not, this type of gate was the officially recommended style for providing wheelchair access but also preventing intrusion by motorcycles or horses. Wheelchairs were pushed inside the box section, complete with slatted timber roof! Later replaced with gates.



Newly constructed disabled access path


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